ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS 2020 - Chemicals & Fuels, and Polymer

Sealed bids for treatment plant chemicals and fuel for the Sanitary District of Decatur, Illinois will be received at the District’s office, 501 Dipper Lane, Decatur, Illinois 62522 until 10:00 a.m. local time on April 3, 2020, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud.  Bids are being requested for Gasoline & Diesel Fuel, 28% Liquid Urea-Ammonium Nitrate (UAN), Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferrous Chloride, and W.A.S. Flocculant (Polymer).

The Specifications and Contract Documents for the 2020 Treatment Plant Chemicals and Fuel are available for download from the District’s website at /sites/sddfiles/files/2020 Chemicals and Fuel - Bid docs.pdf, and for Polymer at /sites/sddfiles/files/2020 Polymer Bid Docs.pdf, without charge or are available for review at the Sanitary District of Decatur offices located at 501 Dipper Lane, Decatur IL 62522.

Please contact the Director of Operations and Compliance with any questions or comments.

Sanitary District of Decatur, Illinois

David Collard

Director of Operations and Compliance

(217) 422-6931, ext. 214


The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and waive any informality in bidding.


Date: March 10, 2020

 /sites/sddfiles/files/2020 Chemicals and Fuel - Bid docs.pdf

/sites/sddfiles/files/2020 Polymer Bid Docs.pdf