Electronic Public Attendance at November Board Meeting

The Sanitary Disrict of Decatur continues to offer limited in person attendance at public board meetings in compliance with all Open Meetings Act requirements and COVID-19 prevention measures. If webinar is being used by any members of the public body the same oppertunity will be provided to citizens who would also like to attend the meeting by video conference. Please use the following instructions to join the meeting: Webinar Participation by Citizens Click on the link listed in this article to join the Webinar. You must provide your name and email address in order to join the Webinar. If you wish to speak during Public Comments, "raise your hand" and wait to be called on by the meeting host. You must state your first and last name for the meeting record. Participants will be muted except when they are called on to speak; video will remain off for all members of the public when speaking. Click here to join the meeting The November Meeting is our first attempt at hosting a webinar for the Board and Public. Please be considerate if we run into any technical issues.