Swimming Pool Credit Program Discontinued

In August of 2017 the Sanitary District of Decatur started to evaluate the swimming pool credit program. The main factors considered were the relatively low benefit for the customer compared to the cost of issuing pool credits and the fact that other options were available to residents who did not want to pay Sanitary District user fees for outdoor water uses. 

In 2017, 229 pool credit requests were processed and a total of $2,730 in credit was issued by the Sanitary District. The largest credit to a single customer was $61.18, 92% of customers received a credit of $25 or less, 48% of customers received a credit of $10 or less and 25 requests did not qualify for any credit. Each credit request takes between 15 and 20 minutes to research and process.

Because of the chlorine and other chemicals used in swimming pool water, the safest way to discharge pool water is directly into the sanitary sewer system. Many swimming pools are designed with a drain connected to a sanitary sewer. Other pools should be discharged so that the water does not leave your property, create puddles of standing water, enter the storm water system or drain into surface water such as a stream, pond or lake. These restrictions are difficult to comply with for most residential properties.

In October 2017 the Board of Trustees decided to eliminate the program effective November 1, 2017. The Resolution can be viewed here.

If you would like to fill your pool without paying the Sanitary District user fee there are two options available.

The first is having a licensed plumber install a separate meter to measure water used for irrigation and other outdoor purposes and does not enter the sanitary sewer system. The amount registered on this meter is deducted from your bill when calculating the sewer and sanitary district user fee.

The other option is to have the water delivered by truck from a water delivery service; however, this may cost more than you are charged for using municipal water including the Sanitary District user fee.