2020 Preliminary Property Tax Levy Estimate

The first step in the property tax levy process is developing an estimated tax levy, which establishes the total amount of taxes the Sanitary District plans to levy. If the preliminary estimate for certain funds is more that 105% of the previous year’s levy a public notice needs to be published in a local newspaper and a public hearing must be held. The District must estimate the levy at least 20 days prior to adoption of the final levy. The 2020 Preliminary Tax Levy was discussed by the Board of Trustees at the October 21, 2020 Board Meeting.   The estimated levy for limited funds is 102.91% of the 2019 levy and therefore, the District is not required to provide notice and hold a public hearing. The total levy is projected to decrease by ($5,142) and the projected tax rate is projected to decrease by (0.25)%.   The Board plans to adopt the 2020 Property Tax Levy on November 18,2020. 

Please click this link to access the Estimated 2020 Preliminary Property Tax Levy.