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Industrial Pretreatment refers to treatment of non-domestic wastewater at an industrial facility to make it suitable to discharge to the SDD’s wastewater treatment plant, also known as a publicly owned treatment works or POTW.  The SDD’s wastewater treatment plant is designed to treat primarily domestic sewage.  Incompatible pollutants must be reduced in concentration or removed from non-domestic wastewater so that the wastewater does not interfere with the treatment process or allow pollutants to pass through into our receiving stream, the Sangamon River.  Pretreatment also guards against pollutants that would create a hazardous or explosive atmosphere in the sewer system or make our bio-solids unsuitable for land application.

Our Industrial Pretreatment department enforces the provisions of the industrial pretreatment ordinance in order to protect the sewer system, the treatment works, and the sludge disposal practices of the Sanitary District of Decatur.  We issue discharge permits to wastewater haulers and significant industrial users and we monitor the wastewater discharges of each group.

We have two full time pretreatment personnel and a number of supporting laboratory and administrative staff.

Our Ordinances Include:

Ordinance 21-05 

Ordinance 21-06

Sewer Use Ordinance 02-23

Helpful Documents:

Decatur New Industry FAQ