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The Safety Department is responsible for the Safety and Health program at the SDD as well as the coordinating all safety training and in-house training programs. We strive to make our work environment as safe as possible, abiding by industry-accepted practices and procedures, all applicable city, state, and federal standards and regulations, and the rules of common sense.

Safety is a concern at all work locations, including job sites, shop and office, and while traveling from location to location. Making our work locations safer through systematic assessments and evaluations is our goal. We work safely!

The SDD is a contributing donor to the American Red Cross in the annual blood drive for the community. The Sanitary District has safety awareness meetings once a week.

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David Boys
Safety Coordinator


Iowa/Illinois Safety Council Incident Rate Award
The awards program is based on the total number of recordable cases. Annual Incident Rate Awards are given to all member companies who achieve an incident rate equal to or less than the national average based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics information as reported on the BLS website.

National Safety Council Occupational Excellence Achievement Award
Honors companies reporting injuries and illnesses involving days away from work equal to or less than 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ rate for their six-digit NAICS Code and zero fatalities during the calendar year.

National Safety Council Safety Leadership Award
Honors companies achieving five consecutive “Perfect Record” years.

George W. Burke Safety Award
This award was established to encourage municipal and industrial wastewater facilities to participate in promoting an active and effective safety program and to stimulate the collecting and reporting in injury data. The recipient is chosen based on the quality of their documented safety program as well as innovative actions taken to prevent injuries and corrective measures taken when an injury occurs.