Hiring for Operator In Training Position


The Operator in Training will rotate through assignments with varying shifts of: 1st, 2nd and 3rd including weekends to become familiar with all aspects of the district operations for up to two years. At the completion of training the shift will be assigned based on the needs of the District and seniority.  Pay is 15.87 per hour plus shift differential. This is a union position with a 100 day probationary period. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

(Other duties may be assigned)

Hiring for E&I Technician Position


The Sanitary District of Decatur is a unit of local government organized in 1917. The District has approximately 31,850 customers divided into three categories: residential, commercial and industrial.  While residential customers are the largest group in number, industrial customers account for about two-thirds of user fee revenue. Decatur has a combined sewer system and the treatment plant is designed for an average daily flow of 41 million gallons per day (MGD) and a peak flow of 125 MGD. In 2017, a staff of 55 full time employees treated an average of 26.4 MGD and a maximum flow of 116.6 MGD. 


Swimming Pool Credit Program Discontinued

In August of 2017 the Sanitary District of Decatur started to evaluate the swimming pool credit program. The main factors considered were the relatively low benefit for the customer compared to the cost of issuing pool credits and the fact that other options were available to residents who did not want to pay Sanitary District user fees for outdoor water uses. 


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